Women judge sweat stains harder than men

It is embarrassing to smell of sweat and have sweat stains under your arms. That is the opinion of the majority of women and men. But luckily there are several ways you can avoid the embarrassment and the dark sweat stains on your top. Read below.

The bike ride to and from work, busyness at work, nervousness before a date or a major gala dinner. Yes, there are many situations where the possibility of sweating more than usual and embarrassing stains under the arms can arise. And very few Danes find sweat and the smell of sweat attractive.

But sweat is apparently judged differently depending on the gender you ask. A study conducted by Perspirex shows that Danish women pass a harsher sentence on sweating than Danish men.

According to the study, seven out of ten women (71%) find smelling of sweat downright repulsive. By comparison, less than six out of ten Danish men (57%) believe that the smell of sweat is definitely repulsive.

In addition, six out of ten Danish women (64%) in the study say that they find sweat a downright pain. The Danish men are apparently a little more liberated in terms of sweat, as only 46 per cent. of the Danish men think sweat is annoying.

Women: Sweat affects our choice of clothes

The study also shows that for a large proportion of Danish women, sweat stains are such a major challenge that they make sure they prevent them in their choice of clothes. For example, they avoid clothes in certain materials (29%), clothes in colours on which sweat stains can be seen (11%). Finally 8% of the women make sure they carry a change of clothes in case the sweat stains become too penetrating.

Less sweat = more confidence

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid sweat and the discomfort that goes with it. One option is to use a good, effective antiperspirant that protects you for a long time. Perspirex Comfort protects you for 3-5 days after a single application, and can therefore prevent embarrassing situations involving sweat odour or stains under the arms. Perspirex Comfort is highly effective and does not contain fragrance or preservatives. Then most embarrassing sweating experiences can be avoided, so you can stay self-confident to face those daily challenges.

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