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Riemann A/S

The company behind Perspirex, Riemann A/S, is a Danish manufacturer of specialised skin care products. It was founded by Claus Riemann who had the vision of creating products with an “objectively identifiable effect” – an effect that people can experience themselves. In other words: products that work. This simple yet challenging ambition is still our vision today.

For over 30 years, Perspirex has helped millions of people worldwide with special sweat control needs. Claus Riemann developed Perspirex in 1979 for his sister Bodil who suffered from excessive sweating from the feet. This was the birth of one most effective and long-lasting antiperspirants in the market.

Perspirex has since developed into a brand with sales in over 30 markets worldwide; with a strong-hold in Europe and a retail distribution covering pharmacies, drugstores and grocery stores.

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