Three reasons for sweating you were (maybe) not aware of

There can be many reasons why we sweat. The best known is that we sweat when it is hot, when we are nervous or when we exercise. But there are also lesser known reasons that can be good to know if you want to combat sweating. Here are three reasons for sweating that you were (maybe) not aware of:

1) Did you know that the material your clothes are made from is important for your sweat production? If you wear clothes made from synthetic material such as polyester and acrylic, there is a greater risk that you will sweat a lot. Therefore, we advise wearing clothes made from natural materials like cotton, linen and silk. That way, you allow your body to breathe better.

2) It’s probably not something you’ve thought about before, but the food you eat can actually also affect how much you sweat. For example, chili and ginger can increase your body temperature, thereby making you sweat more. So if you have problems with sweating, you can pay attention to these two foods.

3) Coffee and alcohol can also have an impact on your sweat production. They can dilate the blood vessels and increase the heart rate and cause palpitations. Therefore, you may also sweat if you drink coffee or drink alcohol.

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