I sweat when I’m nervous

Source: IW Olobot

Many people start sweating when they get nervous, but can anything be done about it?

Sweat glands help regulate your body temperature, especially when it is hot or when you exercise.

Some people tend to sweat more than necessary: e.g. under the arms, palms, soles of the feet, or on their face. These are the areas with a high concentration of sweat glands.

Sweating a lot can be embarrassing socially, but can also create problems at work. One of the most famous and public examples happened 50 years ago: Many believe that Richard Nixon’s tendency to sweat during television debates with John Kennedy in 1960 was the reason he lost the presidential election.

Emotions can lead to sweating because they activate part of the nervous system, just like heat and exercise.

Your nervousness may become more intense if you worry about sweating. If you get your sweating under control, your self-confidence may increase and you may feel less nervous in the situation.

If you sweat a lot, you could talk to your doctor. It may be something other than your anxiety that is making you sweat: for example, an overly active thyroid gland or the side effect of medication. If you do not have any of those problems, we recommend applying an antiperspirant to the area where you sweat. Remember, however, that you must never apply antiperspirant to more than 10% of your body, as sweating regulates your body temperature.

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