Hand sweat occurs more frequently for some people than others

All people sweat from their hands. This is how nature adapted us, and it is by no means an accident. A little sweat on the palms allows you to get a better grip on things. If there is no moisture, it will slip out of your hand. The same is true if you sweat too much.

There are a particularly large number of sweat glands in the palms of our hands, and they help improve our fine motor skills. However, people who suffer from excessive sweat production have a really hard time.

Hand sweat occurs more frequently in some people than in others – and it can be hereditary. Hereditary or not, for some people it is a big problem. It can be extremely embarrassing to shake hands with people if your hand is sweating heavily. If first impressions are important, it can be a really bad start.

So, many Danes find themselves in an embarrassing situation, simply because of challenges in social contexts. After all, can you avoid having to shake hands?

Hand sweat is inhibitory

Hand sweat is not conditioned by hot weather. It happens all the time, since we constantly need to be able to hold on to things. Hand sweat also occurs if you feel it is too hot – and your palms need to be cooled down. Just as on the rest of the body. That is why slightly sweaty hands are quite common.

But heavy hand sweating can occur frequently. Hand sweat occurs more frequently in some people. For them, it is a strain that can be very inhibiting. Even in winter your hands can sweat a lot. And if you sweat while shaking someone’s hand, they might find it repulsive. It can be embarrassing to shake hands with potential business associates, customers or new acquaintances.

Antiperspirant to combat hand sweat

If you have problems with sweaty hands, you can do something about it. We have developed a very special antiperspirant lotion that you can apply to your hands. Just like a roll-on under the arms, this lotion will inhibit the production of sweat, and you will immediately feel a different sensation – drier, well-balanced hands, just as they should be. That means you can free yourself of those embarrassing moments and never have to worry about awkward handshakes again.

A Perspirex antiperspirant will give you completely normal and natural sweat production. Based on research and evidence, this protection is absolutely ingenious.

It has a documented effect and has worked on a huge number of people who have struggled with frequent and excessive hand sweat.

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