Dating pressure can cause sweat on the forehead

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The season is all about cherubs and flirting and, when seeking our Mr or Ms Right, we want to look as good as possible. Maybe that is exactly why our study shows that four out of ten Danes report that they perspire more when they get nervous or feel pressured.

Here is a familiar scenario: You are sitting opposite your date and want to look as great as possible, and suddenly you can feel it. Perspiration! Sweaty palms, sweat under your arms and beads of sweat on your upper lip can be embarrassing and inhibiting – particularly when you are on a date. Perspirex ran a survey of Danish singles, and one in ten of them answered that they sweat much more when on a date.

But it is not only on dates that we fear the smell of sweat.At some point, the vast majority have sweat issues, and for four out of ten Danes (41%), stressful situations can lead to both sweating and sweat stains under the arms. That probably is not so strange, since almost two out of three (64%) answer smelling of sweat is repulsive.

Why we sweat

Sweat is quite natural and the body produces sweat to maintain a stable temperature. But sweat can also be caused by stress and emotions. That is why it is no surprise that we sweat more when we feel pressured or nervous. The good news is that you aren’t alone. Two out of three Danes have experienced sweating to the point of irritation. Fortunately, you can get rid of sweat discomfort, and a good antiperspirant can be part of the solution.

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