Sweat stains made me ashamed when I took off the jacket. It never happens anymore

"My name Is Montse Gabriella, and I work as a fashion stylist"

"It’s a hectic job that keeps me on the move – going to fashion shows, checking out the shops, running back to see my clients… It’s also a job that forces me to work very close to people; fitting clothes and trying different accessories on them. In Spain, the summers are hot, and when it’s hot, I sweat. And that gets in the way of my work. My clients want me to get close to them – but they don’t want offensive odour! And of course when you work with fashion, you have to dress the part, too. You have to be able to wear a nice jacket – and take it off without worrying about sweat marks. I couldn’t do this before I tried Perspirex. But now, I feel like I can do anything! And in a way that self-confidence is what my clients want most from a fashion expert like me."