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… from people who say that Perspirex has changed their lives. The extra effective protection has given them more confidence, boosted their self-esteem and banished the worry of sweat.

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Karina Adams, Northern Ireland

“My name is Karina Adams. I am 23 year old female and I have suffered from excess perspiration for as long as I can remember.  I have only ever worn black or white tops as I sweat all the time, walking, running, sitting, when I’m nervous, excited and working.  My high school days were the worst as my uniform was light blue.  I never removed my blazer, even in summer, as I new there would be wet patches under my arms.  Going out it was always black dresses and standing under the hand dryers to dry any wet patches..but all that has changed, I lifted your product in my local chemist one day in the hope that it would work.

After many failed attempts with other products I have finally found one that really does work. I have been using Perspirex for 3-4 weeks now and the difference is unbelievable. Although at the start I did still sweat a little it was still a big improvement on before BUT now I can’t believe my eyes when I look and see dry under arms its amazing. Perspirex has changed everything for me..I can wear reds, purples and my favourite colour blue, I have even ordered a blue dress for an upcoming wedding I am attending because I know that with Perspirex I will stay dry throughout the whole day!

So from the bottom of my heart Thank You very much. “

 Mark Mcnichol, Great Britain

For many years now I suffered with underarm wetness and soon after showering and getting dry the perspiration starts all over again, getting anxious about the problem only increases the wetness and anti perspirants just do not work. Now thanks to your product all this has changed, Perspirex is so good that I have complete faith in the product and this in turn allows me to feel confident not only at work but also in social situations.

I recently used it and the application lasted an entire week! I live in the UK and do not see many adverts for this product, I don’t know what your profit margins are but with more advertising you could be making much more as I’m sure there are many more customers just waiting to hear about Perspirex.

Please can you pass on my thanks to everyone involved in the making of Perspirex, I don’t know if anyone else has written to you but you truly have a life changing product at your company.”

James Downs, Great Britain

“I am writing to you today simply to let you know how pleased I am with your Perspirex product.

I used to have an issue with sweating quite a lot, however I was then introduced to Perspirex and have used it ever since! Its amazing, and I can’t believe how easy it has been to solve my issue with your help. I am completely satisfied!

I just thought that you should know how happy, and how pleased with your product I am. Keep up the good work!”

Glenn Martin, Great Britain

“I just wanted to write and THANK YOU! For Perspirex. I first saw your TV ad’s a few weeks ago with friends and they laughed when the person lifted their arms and were soaked…I cringed because I knew that was me. I have lived with this condition my entire life and it has made me so self conscious I cannot begin to explain.

Of course I was sceptical about the product and asked the pharmacist about it and he said the success rate was good and I should try it and let him know how I made out.

It is UTTERLY AMAZING! I no longer have to purchase dark clothes that won’t show sweat when I’m shopping, I can reach for items in a store that I never would have, and feel comfortable in public venues. I  recommend Perspirex to anyone and everyone that has suffered the embarrassment that I have. It makes you feel more self confident, it is like loosing a lot of weight. I LOVE IT! “

Prince Ngwenya, South Africa

My name is Prince, I wanna thank u so much, after using your product (Roll-onfor the past 2 wks, I have so much changes, it has worked for me…after 15 yrs or so my armpits are finally dry…once again thank you so much.”